Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Railways signs we grew up with

Pakistan Railways has the monopoly of running goods as well as passenger trains throughout the country. The railway system was inherited from the British India Railways and most of it stays as it was when taken over. The railway stations, the platforms, station master's office, the control room, the batti (light) godown, the coolies and the platform clocks haven't undergone a major change. The control towers, the change over levers, the railway signals and the steel gates at the level crossings are much the same.

And so do many signs in and around the railway stations and the level crossings!! Herein under are a few photos of the signs, both warning and informational, that we have grew up with, which continue to be so even after decades. Those who have been travelling in the trains as children would find these very familiar and rather nostalgic.

This is the most read sign - the 15 minutes closure time though is a formality, as the gate can remain closed much beyond the written down timings. 
A usual sign at the main junctions, notifying destinations for which trains can be changed over from the particular junction 
The fare and time table (above and below) 

The warning sign on un-manned railway crossings 
Railway station identification sign board (Above Faisalabad and Aimanabad below) 

Thairi Sansi was once a small railway station near Gujranwala, which has now been clsoed 
Cautionary sign at Lahore Railway Station (above) and car parking rates (below) 

These photos are courtesy Tahir Iqbal, an emerging photographer who has an eye to capture the usual and the unusual too. I came across his photos when he contributed to my Flickr group "Jalalspages Pakistan" and with due permission I am sharing these with my viewers. His photostream is very rich, specially the relics from the Sikh era which have been preserved in the museum of Lahore Fort and the Lahore Museum. I will share these in time. 


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