Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Life on wheels

Poor's Rolls Royce
The life of a poor's tonga driver - for his customers, it is a poor's Rolls Royce (photo: Jalalspages)

Life for most of the people is very hard. While most earn their bread and butter by carrying heavy loads on wheels every day, others ply two or three wheelers to carry people from place to place. Life goes on unnoticed by many of us, but the following could not escape the lens of Tahir Iqbal, who has an eye to shoot the life of ordinary people close quarters. Here is a collection of his photos, which portray the life of the poor transporters and the difficulties with which they earn their bread every day. 

Over Load
Three Wheeler

Over Load
Faisalabad Lahore Road
Donkey Cart
Shahkot Manawala Road

Village Oil Saller
Village Milk Saller
Khan &  A - 1 Naswar

Photos courtesy: Tahir Iqbal (Flickr)

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