Sunday, July 17, 2011

Aisam ul Haq engaged for life

The star Pakistani tennis player, who paired with the Indian tennis player Rohan Bopanna made headlines when the reached the finals of the US Open men's doubles 2010, was yesterday engaged for life. Before yesterday, Aisam was only engaged to tennis and all along his life, has been striving to reach at the top of the world of tennis which he almost did.

But for now, his engagement to Faha Akmal in a heavily attended engagement ceremony, binds him for life with his would be life partner. We have been seeing Aisam with Bopana most of the time so far. But seeing an all smiles Asiam clad in a blue suit with his life partner was pleasant and colourful. Faha was equally gleaming and all smiles and said she was very happy to have been engaged with Aisam. Planned for a December wedding, we wish the "new duo" a very ahppy and prosperous future. As for Aisam, we wish him a continuation of equally bright future in tennis with Bopanna as well.

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