Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Luxurious tourism in the desolateness of Utah

Most of the resorts the world over are located along the beaches or in the mountains to enjoy sun bathing or skiing on the mountain slopes or just sit and watch the endless world as far as your eyes can stretch. But ever considered a night out or two out there in the desolate deserts where scorpians and snake join the hissing sound of the wind blowing through dunes and naked stoned natural features?

Well I would not have dared till I came across this beautiful resort located in the Southern Utah, USA. And let me tell you I wowed and wowed for someone who conceived, designed and built this amazing resort out in nowhere. Spread over some 600 acres in Canyon Point, the resort is tucked into a protected valley with sweeping views towards the Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument.
The exterior of the resort merges so well with its surroundings, just like a chameleon that it is really difficult to spot it from a distance. Imagine a vast swimming pool right in a desert where even a drop of water is hard to find. The resort is in fact built around this ocean green coloured water which blends with the surrounding superbly and aesthetically. The spa of the resort features a floatation therapy pavilion, water pavilion with sauna, steam room, cold plunge and step pool, fitness centre and yoga pavilion.
From the air conditioned resort and its windows one can watch the parts of the Grand Canyon baked in the sunlight, which otherwise only adventurers would dare to go to, or perhaps Clint Eastwood if he was still young as he was in the yester years’ Western films.

I am sure after seeing the photographs above and the video, if you happen to be visiting Utah, would definitely want to take a 25-minute drive from the nearest town of Page, Arizona and a 15-minute drive to the shores of Lake Powell to reach this extremely innovative and breathtaking resort.

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