Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The first ever winter ascent of Gasherbrum – II

Gasherbrum II/K4 (Photo Wikipedia)

Italy has always taken leads in making “first time” expeditions and adventures in Pakistan’s mountaineering history, specially when it comes to the five of the 14 eight thousands of the world that are located in Pakistan. In 1954 the Italian expeditions scaled K-2, the second highest peak and eight thousander after the Mt. Everest. Now on 2nd February 2011, another expedition led by Simon Moro of Italy, with two fellow mountaineers, Denis Urubko from Kazakshtan and Cory Richards from the United States, scaled the Gasherbrum – II for the first time scaling of an eight thousander in winters.

Gasherbrum–II, an 8,035 high peak in the Karakoram mountain range is among the five eight thousanders located in Pakistan. The trio achieved the honour in severe winter temperature of -60 degrees Celsius. It may be added that all such previous attempts were abandoned due to severity of the weather and the temperature.

The team ran into a hazardous avalanche on their way back and two of the
mountaineers were buried under the snow near camp-II. But were luckily survived and dug out safe and alive. One of the climbers, Denis Urubko from Kazakhstan is among the 15 mountaineers in the world who has ascended all eight thousanders.

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