Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The very indigenous people of Pakistan

Every country has its indigenous people, who continue to live they way they have been living since centuries without being polluted by the changes taking place in the urban areas and the fashion. The indigenous people of Pakistan that constitute something like 70% of the total population and live in the rural areas are these people who reflect the true culture, traditions and aspirations of Pakistan.

Clad in simple shalwar kameez (a loose trousers and long shirt), the attire though changes locally from a place to another, is the common sight when travelling anywhere in Pakistan.

As for women, the women in Thar Desert wear gaudy coloured clothes with white bangles worn up to their elbows. Likewise the women of Kafiristan of Kalash in Chitral, generally the women folk wear black dresses as is apparent from their name (the wearers of black robe with homemade ornaments and stitch-work).

Normally men wear a headdress in almost all over Pakistan. In winters they wear a lose cloth made of wool or a coarse cloth to save them from the severity of the weather.

Find herein under some of the cloak which Pakistanis are found wearing. These vary from simple to brightly coloured clothes when attending festivals or functions.

Life as it is...
Life as it is... by Mirjee

Local Woman @ Kunri
Local Woman @ Kunri by Raja Islam

Rural Life
Rural Life by smrafiq

Long live pakistan!
Long live Pakistan! by Nadeem Khawar

Outside od Bibi jawindi
Outside od Bibi jawindi by Shaun D Metcalfe

Zara Umr-e-Rafta Ko Awaaz Daina
Zara Umr-e-Rafta Ko Awaaz Daina by NotMicroButSoft

Ecstasy by TARIQ/ sulemani

Folk Singer
Singer by @mmar

Old man by jalalspages
علن فقیر کی یاد میں by Memorial Power

Above photographs are shared with Jalalspages Pakistan on Flickr


Shirazi said...

This is interesting post. But could you add a lil more on each category. And what about Kalash people. You think they are not indigenous.

Jalal HB said...

Wait for my next post - it is exclusively about the Kalash

sara said...

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