Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The breakfast morning at Islamabad

Today I was to drop my sons at the Bahria University as they were going to Lahore for a two days trip. So got up in the rather chilly morning, and got ready to take them to the other end of Islamabad where their university is located from the Rawat end of Islamabad where we live in the DHA. Since I was going to Islamabad, I was reminded by my wife to take our newly purchased lawn mower for initial adjustments along as the only “renowned” mechanic is in Aabpara market.

So after wading through very heavy traffic on the Islamabad Express Highway and off loading my sons at the university, I went to the Aabpara market. It was too early to be there as I found most of the shopkeepers still having their breakfast, mostly eating freshly baked parathas “the heavily greased version of chapatti both inside and outside.”

An avid paratha lover, I looked for the source, which happened to be a few shops away from the mechanic I had gone to. And right there on a big tawa, at least 5-6 parathas were being freshly cooked. Needless to say that the scene was mouth watering, but since I had had my breakfast at home, and a heavy one, I arrested my inner impulse to sit down there and have the steamy paratha straight from the tawa.

But people were there were busy eating it, mostly with hot doodh patti. There was a group of tourists also sitting and enjoying their parathas heavy breakfast with tea (my cellular phone camera came handy to preserve the moment). I was later told by a friend (Shaun D Metcalfe) when I shared the same photo at Flickr that these were French cyclists touring Pakistan, whom he had met in Gilgit a month ago. And I am sure they must have been enjoying this heavenly bread to their entirety. I envied them as I did not have room for the paratha shot.

As for the lawn mower, there wasn’t any good news as the mechanic told me that Chinese machines are nothing but a liability as all parts are made of plastic and wear away in months. While he promised to do whatever he could to adjust the machine, he also told me never to go for Chinese stuff again and substantiate his professional views, he opened the machine and showed my all plastic parts which did not look robust and long lasting. After seeing the rather delicate rubber parts, I readily agreed with the mechanic. It is also a caution for my readers if any is planning to buy a Chinese lawn mower.

So I left the mower in the hands of the expert and came back. I hope he fixes it otherwise I am mentally prepared to see my “investment” going down the drain.

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Ali Akbar said...

I have the honour to eat a such type of PARATHA at Makkah from a Faisalabadi hotel. And I still remember that I had to skip lunch and had a very light dinner.Its enriched for softy people like me.

Asghar Javed said...

Taste of Lahore in Islamabad, you mean!!

Jalal HB said...

Ali Akbar you were lucky to find these in the Holy Land. Yes Shirazi, Lahore taken to Islamabad. Reminds me of the film Moscow on the Hudson.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, Pakistani Masala for blogs isn't fascinating at all. The reader is not impressed.

KaramPaul said...

Thanks for share!
I impressed!