Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Run a few steps to be active and wise (and perhaps live long)

Although an apple a day keeps a man healthy and hearty, there is no substitute to exercise, no matter how moderate it could be. We all run to lose weight and be slim and smart. But new researches show that exercise besides helping in delaying early aging, are also helpful in making some cells in the brains more active and productive that leads to improved learning.

To start with, the exercise stimulates levels of certain brain chemicals that reverse the effects of stress. Now when the stress is removed or reduced, it makes you lively and energetic and of course less depressive. And thus an active stress free body is all geared up for more wisely things, as the specific brain chemicals called the growth factor are increased that stimulate production of new cells in the brain. The stimulated growth factors thus aid in learning and keeping the memory intact, especially in the old age.

The other day I heard of the term BMP or the bone-morphogenetic protein. Doctors and researchers are of the opinion that BMP is the stumbling block inside the brain and inhibits production of new cells that in fact defeat aging. People who are even moderately active and do some sort of exercise even for thirty minutes would in fact be defeating the BMP and helping the brain to be productive and active. How it is done is very complicated but in summary the exercise boosts levels of a brain protein called Noggin that counters the effects of BMP. Once MBP is defeated, the production of neurons, the wise cells, is given a boost and helps improve memory and learning.

These days when most of the young men are glued to their laptops throughout day and night, they are in fact slowing their learning process everyday that goes by due to lack of physical activity. Although for the time being they have their brains fully charged due to their younger age, but they need to keep a reserve for the days to come as well. Even otherwise, the physical activity provides the much needed stimulant for strained hard work and excessive use of the brain cells while sifting information from millions of posts uploaded every hour. This can only be done by a physically and mentally alert body, which is only possible if one gets out of the house for at least 30-45 minutes every day, runs around, fills in one’s lungs with fresh air rather than with the rusty air of a closed apartment. One need not be a champion of a particular sport one likes, but it should be played for keeping oneself active and healthy.

Although, exercise is also being related to defeating risks of early death, but this would remain debatable on account of spirituality as we all believe that life is a “given gift” of the Nature and cannot be lengthened or shortened. But still researchers stress that a mere 30 minutes physical activity can reduce the risk of death by 19%. However, what exercise can do is make you feel healthy, hearty and active till your last moments. And that is what matters, as being dependent in the old age at times become a nightmare, when all near and dear ones start to keep a distance.

So you’d better get into your exercise suit and go out – it won’t harm you at all (but do not eat gol gappay and then hide your stained shirt from your wife unless you buy that magical detergent too on your way back).


Shirazi said...

Only if I could do this!!!