Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Live HD Quality Video Conferencing made possible

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of faceVsion Technology USA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Finally it is here – a tiny device with a powerful command over all your live video chatting and conferencing woes. The faceVsion Express Combo is “the” ultimate solution in HD video conferencing for small to medium sized businessmen, who cannot afford the expensive hi-fi webcams or those individual chatters, like me, who want to make more out of their Gmail account.
The faceVsion FV Express Combo is far above the glitches of the so-called HD webcams available in the market that deceive you with their poor quality video when an important meeting is in progress with participants from around the world. And one can imagine a letdown in an important conference can be embarrassing when poor quality video devices are used.

The faceVsion FV Express Combo is includes a faceVision TouchCam (TM) L1 HD video camera, with a 28mm wide angle with a up to 75 degree field of view lens and advanced auto-focus and auto-brightness control. These added features allow a far wider view of the participants of a conference rather than the requirement of rotating the camera manually to focus on individuals. The faceVision FV express card that slides into a notebook’s Express34 or mini PCIe card ensures on-board hardware H.264 encoding of HD video stream before transmitting the same on internet. This hardware breakthrough enables even the most sluggish connections to carry HD quality signals efficiently and easily without compromising its quality.

And for Google Talk users, the package also includes “QuLives Communication Manager” – a software application that manages the HD quality video chatting much more fun with a lot ease. Your Google Gmail contact list can now be automatically synchronized to your HD video conferencing contact list. You now have the option of even recording your chat sessions. Full fun – isn’t it?

The faceVision is now offering a $10 off, as part of their on-going promotion, on any purchases you make using the promo code of FVTBTS2 while checkout. The promotion ends 30th September 2010. FV Express Combo is available through and other value added partners. Or else you can purchase the package from faceVision on line store.
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