Monday, August 30, 2010

When enough is not enough

There are people whose lust for more money never ends and despite their vaults topped up, they continue to extort money from here and there to have still more. This category of people, besides criminals, also includes well respected and well placed politicians, land lords, bureaucrats, celebrities and sportsmen.

Ours is a poor country but for the entertainment of its people and for the love of sports, the successive governments have always made an endeavor to well feed the sportsmen so that they could concentrate on sports and don’t have to worry for a decent living. And of all the sports, cricket has always been preference and the players have always been paid monthly remunerations handsomely besides free boarding and lodging when touring abroad. They also get a lion’s share from the match money as well.

But this is very unfortunate that despite everything possible to please them and make them comfortable, our players have been involved in activities and conduct unbecoming. There have been numerous incidents of match fixing in which our players have been involved, charged and condemned in the past. But the lust of some still continues for more.

The recent uproar about a few players, part of the touring team of England, is a point in case. Young players who have yet to start a long career have been found guilty of match fixing that has brought shame to all of us as a respected nation. The cricket lovers always revere the players and pray for their victories and success whenever they go abroad or even they play on home grounds.

While it is too early for the allegations to be proved true, but the initial investigations and evidence made available to the press shows involvement of some of our payers in the heinous crime of match fixing, thus defaming the name f the country. When a no ball is played intentionally, the foot of the bowler is barely out of the bowling line – but when it is done intentionally (as has been the case recently), the foot leaps well forward being an intentional act as can be seen in the photographs.

There definitely is an uproar and the whole nation would demand an immediate inquiry to prove the allegations. And if the allegations prove to correct, then the nation has the right to demand a very strict action to be taken against the culprits, whose lust of more money has defamed the country. Our country is already faced with a dilemma of mistrust by world community as far monetary matters are concerned and this latest episode throes more fuel on the fire.

The time is now to sacrifice everything else, including the entire team, for the better name of the country. And I would go on to say that the culprits be tried on the charges of defamation of the good name of the country and all their properties and bank balances be confiscated for they have let down their very own country in foreign lands.

Detailed account of preliminary investigation: Match Fixing (Light Within)