Sunday, August 1, 2010

Alternative Medicine – Works when synthetic medicines fail

I am not a doctor nor related to the profession in any way. But I have been a patient and that made me realize the importance of alternative medicine. Doctors normally do not recommend the use of alternative medicine as this infringes upon their monopoly. But what do the patients do when they cannot find relief from countless number of capsules and pills given to them to swallow thrice daily?

For a long time, I suffered from backache which finally developed into sciatica. I visited doctor after doctor to find a relief from the agonizing pain. I ate tablets in huge quantities – was tied to machines that pulled me from both directions, with a heavy weight tied on one end. Made me cry and yell but no relief in pain. So what I should have done? Gone for surgery, as I was finally recommended and advised? I decided against surgery as I by then I had lost all hope from the normal means of treatment. So I turned to alternative medicine.

Before I dwell on how I got a relief and was cured, let me say a few words on the alternative medicine itself. Unlike eating tablets, pills and capsules, the alternative form of medicine relies on Hydrotherapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, herbal medication, and aromatherapy. Some may even add spiritual therapy as well to this form of treatment.

This form of treatment has been in vogue since time immemorial when the use of modern medicine had not been invented. Even today, a large number of people who have no access to modern medicine rely on these primitive means for treatment – and in most cases it works. Take acupuncture for example. Ask any doctor about it and he will straightaway reject its use. But in China and adjoining countries, acupuncture has been used to cure almost every disease. And now this form of treatment is finding inroads into our societies and many people are attracted to it. I am for it as it was the final solution, other than surgery for its possible adverse effects, to cure my backache and sciatica. Read my previous post for details.

The use of herbal medicines is also gaining popularity. Unlike synthetic drugs, these generally have no side effects being purely organic and are framed and designed on the same old pattern of use of herbs as is still being done in many parts of the world.

No one in the modern world would vote for spiritual therapy. But believe me this too works and works very well. One has to have faith in this kind of treatment and there have been countless examples of patients with chronic ailments getting relief from spiritual therapy. Likewise massage therapy provides instant relief from stress and pain in the body from overwork and anxiety. Instead of gulping down tablets to get relief, massage therapy is the best answer with absolutely no side effects. It relaxes the muscles and provides a soothing effect which the synthetic drugs with their harmful side effects cannot provide.

So when nothing seem to be working, give alternative medicine a try – it works