Thursday, July 8, 2010

Want to live longer?

Ask anyone, “Do you want to live longer?”, and you will get the same reply, “Yes I would very much want to.” This shows how much a human is concerned about longevity. But foe everything you want, you have to pay. Are you ready to pay for your longevity? Well if your answer is still yes, let me prescribe you something “free”, but promise me you will act upon it in true letter and spirit.

OK, if you are all set to live longer, make sure you sleep at least 6-8 hours every night. Simple, isn’t it? A recent research shows that people who sleep less than six hours at night, are at 12% more at risk to die early than those who do. But there is caution too. If anyone thinks that sleeping for more than 6-8 hours will make them live still longer, they are sadly mistaken. As anyone sleeping for more than eight hours must be ill which keeps them drowsy more than an average person. So it is an early warning for those who take a short nap at night, keep awake on one pretext or the other to reframe their sleeping habits and have a healthy sleep for at least six hours (but not more than eight hours) every night.

Now the second tip (this would cost some pennies). Drink Green Tea more often than not. Ever noticed seeing very old faces in China, Japan and neighbouring countries? Ever wondered why? Well peep into their past. An average Chinese or Japanese drinks 6-8 cups of green tea every day. This magic tea burns away all fats, help you lose weight, rids you from chances of getting stomach ulcers and cancer, and even prevents early wrinkling of your face. All these benefits lead you to a happy, healthy and longer life. If we replace our daily intake of coffee and black tea with equal number of green tea, we can be assured of longevity.

So what goes of yours if just you act upon these two tips to live longer?