Monday, July 19, 2010

Pakistanpaedia – a mini Paedia of Pakistan

Many years from hence, someone introduced me to web page designing. Knowing nothing much about it, I bought a book and started experimenting. I made a website named “Jalalspages” and hosted it on a free domain. The contents of the website mainly focused on information about Pakistan. As it developed and pages after pages were added to it, I decided to buy a domain name and host it as something of my very own. And so Pakistanpaedia came into being.

Today Pakistanpaedia is a rich mini paedia of Pakistan. From its roots and earlier civilization that once thrived in areas that now constitute Pakistan, the website has almost everything about Pakistan except one thing – there are no flashy substance or looks and the site is not centered on films actresses and musical bands. Rather it has everything that anyone wanting to know about Pakistan would desire to have – like history, geography, flora and fauna, celebrities, landmarks, traditions, culture, festivals and its people, province and cities. Besides the site describes the form of government, constitution, foreign relations, disputes, mega projects, the defence forces and national symbols.

It also tells that Hafeez Jalandhari was not the first one to write the national anthem for Pakistan (which was approved by Jinnah, the Quaid-e-Azam) and that when president of Indonesia came to Pakistan in 1950, Pakistan’s national anthem was not played. It was on the arrival of Shah of Iran that a tune was hurriedly composed by one Mr Chagla, not backed by any lyrics. And then many years later, it was Hafeez Jalandhari who wrote the lyrics in 1954 to conform to the tune composed by Mr Chagla, and which today is our national anthem (written all in Persian though with only one word of Urdu).

The website also talks of history of Pakistan after independent and has been divided into periods of almost ten years – but indulging into any political discussions or likings. The website continues to describe sports, music, films, tourist attractions and food Pakistanis eat.

So if you are interested in knowing the base knowledge about Pakistan, you may like to visit Pakistanpaedia. For specifics, links for related sites are given under each section for detailed reading. And if you decide to view the site, do give me a feedback to improve upon it.

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Khalid Masood said...

I am pleased to read that. Allah may bless you.

Bye : Khalid Masood

Jalal HB said...

Thank you KM