Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ladies at Wimbledon Final

One of three tournaments started earlier last month is also coming to its finals (the Asia Cup Cricket 2010 terminated earlier when India tamed Sri Lanka) on Saturday when the two ladies Zvonareva and Serena will decide the lifting of the coveted plate of the Women’s singles. The 21st seed Russian Vera Zvonareva has been lucky by beating the former number ones Kim Clijsters and Jelena Jankovic to reach the centre court for her final duel with Serena. But on the other side of the net would be the toughie Serena, already with 12 Grand Slam titles. She is not in the habit of giving in easily which should not only concern Zvonareva but will also make her nervous facing a celebrity like none less Serena.

But Zvonareva seems not to be giving in easily either. She has told the reporters, "Experience helps me a lot as I have been in a lot of different situations in the past of my career, and I think I know how to turn the matches around much better now." The best she has done so far is reaching the quarter finals of the French Open (2003) and semi finals of the Australian Open.

Now there are two sides. One side wants a new face lifting the trophy as Serena has reined for too long as well her sister Venus. Both have been meeting each other since 2007. So if Zvonareva puts in her very best, she can usher in a fresh breeze in the Wimbledon. But would Serena let her do that?