Tuesday, July 13, 2010

25 things about me

I have aways been wanting to pen down my portrait while seeing me in the mirror. Here is my first try to list 25 things about myself many do not know around me:-

1. I am proud to be a Pakistani and there is no compromise on this.

2. The Beatles continue to be my favourite band till date (since my childhood ).

3. I am very selective in choosing friends (don’t have a long list).

4. Being a Leo, lions (especially at National Geographic or at Lal Sohanra National Park where I could have been eaten away by the hungry lions) always fascinate me.

5. I love nature in its every form (this is reflective in my photography).

6. I am extremely hard working (if not very intelligent).

7. I like travelling, seeing new places (I would love to visit Switzerland someday in my life - if I got that rich) .

8. I always wanted to play guitar, but ended up listening to The Ventures as an alternative.

9. Till my 8th grade, I had a terrible handwriting, till grilled by my mother (may she rests in heavens – Ameen) and I corrected it (people now admire it :).

10. I abhor Urdu TV dramas (full of family intrigues hatched by women) on cable.

11. Looking down from a high rising building is ….

12. If someone confides with me, rest assured he has confided it with the right person.

13. I love everything that my wife cooks.

14. “How things are made” on Discovery channel is my favourite TV programme.

15. I love watching Tennis and sea surfing (though I like watching cricket and wrestling when my sons are watching).

16. I really cannot understand poetry, so I prefer listening to a song with good music.

17. I always wear matching clothes.

18. Generally people do not understand me (but those who get along ultimately regret having thought of abandoning me initially).

19. I like to eat every type of vending junk that is sold by the roadsides.

20. Paul Mauriat’s Love is Blue is my favourite.

21. John Denvor’s Annie’s Song and erstwhile Cat Stevens’ Morning has broken are my all time favourite songs.

22. Thorn Bird and El Chemist have been my favourite readings.

23. My favourite film? Well cant name one, but Heaven can wait, After the promise and To kill a mocking bird are some of my favourite.

24. Photography, philately and blogging are my favourite pastimes, while playing Scrabble on line keeps me busy when am not doing anything else.

25. The last one – my late father continues to be my power of strength (may he rests in peace in heavens – Ameen).


Anonymous said...

Comments re. your comments:

3. I have always known that. You were very introverted even as a kid!

5. I didn't know that. We have something in common. If u visit me, i would love to take u to Grand Canyon or Yellowstone Nat. Park. This is a promise.

6. Very true (yes, u are smart, too!)

7. Maybe in 3-4 years? Meanwhile you could visit me in Colorado which is far prettier than than Switz.

9. I always thought all of you five had beautiful handwriting (??)

11. ... not something I enjoy!

18. Maybe u need to express your feelings more and they will understand u more!

20. Same here!

21. I'll send u "Back Home Again" and u might change your mind

25. I miss him as well and wish I had known him better when I had the chance!

Thanks for sharing this info!

--- MK

Nabeel said...

So you are Leo, love adventures and travelling. Only these things matches with me :)

Jalal HB said...

Thank yo MK and Nabeel for the candid comments (and specially MK for correlating point by point).