Sunday, June 13, 2010

World Cup 2010 – Who will Win?

Well whenever a tournament cicks off, speculations and calculations commence side by side as to who are the favourites and who will lift the cup. Like everyone else, I am also interested to know and have been looking at the past performance of the teams and their present fitness state. And as per my reckoning, every team has a chance to win – simple? No it isn’t as simple as that. Everyone wants to win but their steam and body language tells. Although all 32 teams have qualified after a long competitive spell, many are only entry level teams. It only leaves a few top which would finally matter and have the favourite status in their favour. Which ones, then?

Argentina have won two cups before. It has won its first match against Nigeria, but that is not enough. But many believe that they have Lionel Messi – considered as one of the best player in the history of football. Whats more is their coach – the famous Diego Maradona who has his weight behind the team and is a big motivational factor. With Champions League hero Milito & others like Carlos Tevez & Sergio Aguero, the stand better chances to lift the cup than the others.

Going by the all time favourites, the Fiv time winners Brazil is always in. Moreover, Brazil is the only country to have won the cup outside their home continent.

England then? Well many have emotional support for only one time winner England. But presently, they are said to have the best manager – Fabio Capello with the best team the England had had in the past two decades.

Germany with a history of three cups, is another contender in the top list. With players like Michael Ballack & Rene Adler. Philipp Lahm German squad have never failed to reach the quarter-finals of the tournament. And thus are a strong contender.

The defending champions Italy have a good defensive barrier – but not an aggressive front. But they always makes some surprise moves. Would they this time?

What about Spain then? A recent polls predicts Spain to be the most favourite (though polls can be misleading as a small sample taken cannot be accurate). However, Their recent success at the EURO '08 against favourites Germany gives them an upper edge. Also a 20% of over 220 people opted for Spain – pretty dicey. The next favourites are Brazil with 15% voting in their favour. Next is Argentina with 14%, followed by 11% favourites for England. Interestingly, France and South Africa do not figure out well in any poll.

Ask me – I would say Brazil or Argentina. Whats your guess?