Friday, June 25, 2010

Words for the right moment

Ever wondered that when there is a time to say something or express your true feelings, you find yourself short of the right words for the occasion. And when the event is over or the opportunity is lost, suddenly a large number of ideas start to storm your mind and then you curse yourself for not having been ready for the lost occasion and not having the right words? Well this happens to most of the people most of the times. As Charlotte Bronte has very rightly said, “Who has words at the right moment?”

Ever wondered why some people are the hub of attraction whenever there is a party? People who can say anything that charms the audience? Well story telling is an art but one shouldn’t really be a story teller to rise to say the right words whenever called upon to do so. In my simple opinion, one has to read a lot, read good writers and analyze how the juggle with words in saying very simple things. They do so since they have been reading too, listening and remembering words for each occasion.

I once asked a friend of mine who has been a good poet and writer that why he was not writing anymore. He said that there were already many people saying the same thing so he did not feel like being another one. I acknowledged his logic but was not quite satisfied with his approach. Then one day I found the right answer. I read that although many people say the same thing, but everyone does so in his “own” words – words that are different, words that are suitable for different audience. Words said to appeal the emotions and aspirations of people belonging to different segment of the same society.

So read and listen and practice. That is what good orators do. They store lot of ideas and practice these whenever there is an occasion. They don’t really prepare for a particular occasion – they are self tuned and ideas and words ooze out of their memory as water gushes out in the otherwise dry streams after the rain.