Sunday, June 27, 2010

The easiest sweet dish

Like many, I also love sweet dishes of any kind at every time. But when my wife is not at home, requesting for a sweet dish and its prospects of eating diminish. So what does a person like me do when he is dying for something sweet and fresh from the stove? Ask me – after all if I like sweet dishes, I must know simple things to make to suit to my taste. My favourite and most easiest dish “Andon ka halwa” (sweet dish of eggs).

You don’t have to do much, even if your wife stops you from eating sweet, since this dish neither takes long to make nor does involve many ingredients except eggs, the missing of which from the refrigerator would be noticeable only at breakfast time. By that time you could cook up any excuse for their mysterious exodus from the refrigerator next morning.

All you have to do is tip toe into the kitchen, take out five eggs, 1 cup oil, 1 cup sugar, 1 oz almonds, 1 oz pistachio and a few drops of saffron kewra. Mix all the ingredients (less almonds and pistachio and saffron kewra) and cook on slow fire. Keep on stirring till the mixture gets thick. Pour mixture in tray. Put almonds and pistachio over this heavenly sweet dish, still sizzling and then sprinkle saffron kewra fto add to a beautiful aroma (this may be dangerous too to alert your wife). Finally cut the halwa diamond shape.

Now sit back in he kitchen and enjoy the steamy aromatic halwa – but don’t forget to bolt the kitchen door lest you end up halwa plate broken over your head. Want to try? Go ahead despite the risks – you will love it.

PS: I will be back with more crispy and easy dishes for you – provided you survive from this episode.


Shirazi said...

Yum, yum. Suggesting ande ka halwa in summers but I still like it.

Jalal HB said...

Free recipes have always something attached - No??

Anonymous said...

sure brings back memories! I rarely make this anymore though (I'm a diabetic). I did make it some years ago for an office potluck (known as one-dish party in Pak) and my colleagues seemed to like it. You left out "warraq" (???) i.e. thin sliver of edible silver.

--- MK

Jalal HB said...

Thanks MK. Yes, I didnt mention "warraq" but that makes it a formal dish. The "warraq" surely add its delight and presentation.

Riya Singh said...

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Riya Singh said...

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