Monday, June 28, 2010

Cricket and Sports - but no Gul Hameed Bhatti

There are news of cricket all around one again. The ailing Pakistan team has tried to make amends and is struggling to revive its lost glory. Although the its performance in Asia Cup 2010 wasn’t that outstanding and although Afridi was declared man of the tournament for his brilliant two 100s, they came back empty handed. Now they are preparing for tour de England and expectations are once again on the rise. Likewise there is FIFA World Cup 2010 and Wimbledon being played. A lot of sports. But there is something missing. There is no Gul Hameed Bhatti.

I wish Gul Hameed Bhatti was alive today. He would have written his crispy, incisive and expert reviews on every sports that was being played. From a cricket specific analyst in early 70s, he rose to be a sports analyst and wrote with equal authority on every aspect of sports as he had on cricket. He was an important icon of cricket journalism and was read widely. In his last years, he had started writing about Olympics and hockey too. He had not written on football – but if he was here when the FIFA World Cup 2010 is being played, I am certain he would have added football to his writings as well.

His sad and untimely departure for his Heavenly abode not only hurt us -his family, but thousands of his fans who read him and was a source of inspiration for them. I am writing this post to continue to pay tribute to him, his writings and his contribution to sports journalism in Pakistan. May he be blessed- Ameen.

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