Sunday, June 20, 2010

Asia Cup Cricket 2010 – Pakistan Bowled Out from the Cup

19th June was the day of the clash of the two Asian cricket Titans – Pakistan and India. Whenever the two countries are playing, not only the stadium is jam packed, it also robs the markets from the people as everyone is glued to the TVs to watch the clash – and not the match with extreme emotions.

Well, the one time winner of the cup, Pakistan elected to bat and were doing fine till 144 for 1, when after that in just 15 runs, they lost another three crucial wickets. They could have easily scored 300 if going by the earlier pace. But despite Afridi, Razaaq and Akmal trying to make a headway, they were all out even before the last over at 267. It was the ninth consecutive ODI in which Pakistan had failed to last 50 overs.

Then came in the Indians. The captain played well till dismissed unexpectedly by Shoaib Mailk, who made his maiden appearance after his marriage with Indian tennis star Sania Mirza recently. In the closing overs, it seemed that Indians will not make it to the end as pressure was building. With India needing seven runs off the final over, it was Harbhajan who drove a superb six to end the hair raising match into Indian victory.

This Indian victory ousts Pakistan from the finals and any hope to clinch the cup. Now it is to be seen who holds the cup high over their heads – Sri Lanka or the Indians.