Sunday, May 23, 2010

Internet Marketing

Those 200 words bloggers write on their blogs to promote products, service and or an idea are getting more important every day. In addition to optimizing search engine rankings of the sites under discussion, they influence the consumers in a gig way. A consumer survey (carried out online in USA) says, “83% of consumers say that product reviews influence their online purchasing decisions, 70% of online shoppers actively seek out product reviews before they buy, more than half of US online shoppers surveyed, read user reviews as part of their product research and nearly 9 of 10 US online buyers read reviews at least “some of the time” before making a purchase.

This is not about how to write reviews, add visuals, write product descriptions, give proofs and urge readers to make buying decision. This is about the fact that local market is yet not online as it is the case in more connected countries. Therefore local bloggers and markets mostly turn towards foreign markets and write about them. Some of the bloggers are doing a good job despite all handicaps. Similarly some of the marketers are also taking advantages.

It is in this milieu that this is a call to local marketers and sellers to see the advantages and take benefit of any review stream can offer to them. Exceptions are already there, I personally know (and write for) a local concern that sells products online and how their  blog advertising investment is providing them  huge returns.  I suggest you buy a review or a link and experience what it does to your business. [X-Posted from Light Within]