Friday, April 16, 2010

Secrets to Making Money

Earning money online is one of the fast growing modules these days. Everyone is trying to earn while “working from home” as they call. Most of those who are “in” are trying to earn by telling us how to earn serious money online using the Internet. They also publish proofs of the revenues they generate; may be for ego boasting or trying to authenticate what they are saying. I have been exploring in my own quest to learn if there is any substance to “earning while still at college.”

One thing that is very obvious; there is no harm in learning and trying. But claiming to sell “the secret of earning” is a little too much. Anyone who has some interest online knows what opportunities exist and how they can be taken. Have a product and or service and sell, teaching, writing, affiliates, AdSense, PPCs and PPAs, eBays (list goes on and on) are all open secrets.

So far I have found a few things; it is harder to make “serious” money using poor PC with slow Internet connection and having couple of blogs (having little content) with Google Page Rank from N/A to Zero. There is no shortcut to getting rich quick. No one can have success by clicking. Making money using computer and the Internet is a work like any other work and it takes hard work to succeed. Let me know if there is any other ways.