Friday, April 30, 2010

Blog Company Launched

The Blog Company is a network of blogs written by widely diverse writers who do the talking and the writing covering any thing from technology to travel to tax to Internet marketing and a whole lot in between. These selected bloggers have natural, and almost ghostly, abilities to describe and express, at the same time, relating information they are share with the real life experiences.

Cameroon Blog
Cost of Externalities
Dolls Village
Doodh Patti
FIFA World Cup
Finance and Accounting
Fine Art of Blogging
Jaho Jalal
Light Within
Logic is Variable
Tax Education
Techno Platforms
Thatta Kedona
Thatta TV Raido

Approach them to write for you, your products, services and or ideas or give links on their widely read blogs - bloggers are open to negotiation, you can charm them or pay them.