Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Day in Life (of Internet World)

Today, a friend, Zafar Iqbal Durrani, sent me some information about traffic on internet and use of digital data. And I wasn’t much surprised since these days the extent to which the internet and mobile phones are in use in such a huge numbers, the information is not that explosive. But the extent is still mind boggling. Confused?

The information read that each day around 210 billion e-mails  (more than the ordinary mail sent in the US alone in one year) are sent (and am sure 90% of which is junk mail or the ads of different companies). As for photos, over 3 million photos are uploaded (enough to fill 375,000 photo album pages), the same day. And on Facebook, everyday 700,000 new member are made EVERY DAY (I only wonder how many people are born each day?) and 45 million status updates – Oh I forgot tweets - 5 million tweets every day.

Want to hear more about GBs traveling in the space, specially from mobile phone? The information says some 43,339,547 GB data is sent via mobile phones (enough to fill 1.7 million blue ray discs, 9.2 million DVDs or 63.9 trillion 3.5” floppy discs) EVERY DAY. And of course those making it a business, earn 145 million $ from mobile phone services and over 13 million $ are made from mobile video games.

Do I miss something? Oh yeah, the Blogs. Including this post of mine, 900,000 new articles are posted on blog – enough to fill in posts in NY Times for 19 YEARS. So at least my post is counted somewhere in the stream of information flowing from all over the world to the world of internet.

An analysis says (at Wikipedia – read detailed report from the link given below), the worldwide data transfer on internet stood around 1 TB per month in 1990, which was noted as 8,126,000 TB in 2008.

And this just reminds me of the first computer that I bought – it had a HDD of 20 MB – wow what a capacity when I bought it. Now even a small USB drive contains 16 GB of data. I only wonder that so much is being written and said, has anyone time to read even a fraction of it everyday? Or people just like me are only sending – who is receiving? KNOCK KNOCK!!

Relevant Reading/Reference:
Internet Traffic (Wikipedia)


Irtifa Nasir said...

The figures are really pretty mind-boggling. 700,000 new facebook members?? The urge to connect is getting stronger everyday!

Jalal HB said...

Yes the figures are mind boggling - thanks for reading (thats what my last line of the post said)

Zaffariqbal Durrani said...

Excellent. Jalal you are genious. You have amply added the necessary information into it. A lot for the information lovers.

Jalal HB said...

Thanks ZID

Asghar Javed said...

Thanks for sharing this. I was trying to mirror these figures in our own context and trying to see how much local content is generated? How is a substance out of it?

Nabeel said...

That is where come the concept of writing on specific topic for specific market.