Monday, December 21, 2009

The “Gender Equality” Warfare

Perhaps one of the oldest of the warfare is the Gender Warfare, which has taken new momentum in recent times. Men and women are often seen engrossed into defining each other’s roles aimlessly without reaching to any conclusions. And no conclusions can be drawn since both genders have their own strengths and weakness. 

This warfare is mostly “fought” at the work places where women want to be equated with men, their role and positions, but would then complain of the toughness of duty timings and inability to cope up with the strenuous work load. The same goes on the domestic war front as well. 

But if both men and women understand their true strengths and roles, the ceasefire wont be very far. For example, lawn mowing and snow shoveling can best be undertaken by the men, while for a sumptuous dinner we would always look towards the lady of the house (although some of the best cooks are men and not women). And that’s about all. The fine equation if contemplated intelligently, the gender warfare would not even take place in the first place. 

We can't escape gender roles, and I don't think there really is a need to. Both women and men are biologically different, carved into different moulds to undertake workload as per the body design. Women cannot be subjected to the rigours of life (though sometime they do try to do so to score a point and some even do it better than men sometimes), but there is no point subjecting oneself to stretches beyond the elasticity limits. In fact the biological difference of men and women compliments the abilities of each other to make the equation balance – and this is the gender equality which both men and women fail to identify and realise.


Asghar Javed said...

What gender equality man? I look at this issue in a different way. Locally here, I feel that we are living in women's society. Given out cultural and traditional costumes, women wields the power. In west, women fight for the power, so far unsuccessfully though. And I am not talking of spouses alone.

hushed said...

Oh! I see a very HEAVY argument following up, Jalal cha, I'd rather do this to you in person!

P.S No we do not complain about timings and duty more than men do, infact most men complain more than women. My meagre 8 years of work experience actually shows me a journey of society. I agree things were the way you mention, once, not too long ago but not any more.

Jalal HB said...

Thanks Shirazi and Hushed!! Thanks for airing yourself. I think we have to be a team rather than individuals as I said at the end of my post to become an equation. Individually neither men nor women are nothig.

Anonymous said...

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