Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Do We Really Trust God

We often see our friends, relatives and others lamenting that their woes and prayers go unanswered and God doesn’t listen.  We all have our good days and bad days as well. When we are making merry, we seldom need God. But the moments clouds start to thicken overhead and the weather is overcast, suddenly we remember Him. But when the sun shines, we forget the times when we were in distress and needed God badly.

One wonders why is it so that when we are in distress, we need to really trust God and that whatever He would do, will be good for us. But that is generally temporary as a brighter day makes us forget the Godly support and help. May be we do not understand God’s way of helping us. We want everything to make sense – but God has his peculiar ways of helping us, which sometimes is un-understandable. Once a climber slipped from the mountain and continued falling until with a jerk, he hung in the air as his rope stuck somewhere. Since it was dark and he couldn’t see anything, he pleaded God for help. Suddenly a voice came, “I am God, cut the rope and I will save you.” And since we want everything to make sense, so did the mountaineer too and he did not cut the rope as he knew he sure would die. Next morning, rescuers found his dead frozen body hanging just a few feet above ground.

I remember my late father often telling me, “Son, what is destined for you, none can snatch from you, and whatever is not destined for you no one other than God give it to you. So never worry but have complete faith in Him. He will always be by your side.” And since my childhood, I respected what my father told me since all along his life, I saw in him an unflinching faith and trust in God. Once he seriously fell sick, but later revived. One day he said that he didn’t know why he still lived. But added that there must be something that God had wanted him to do someday. And that someday came after years when my mother fell seriously sick and remained bed ridden for almost four years. And it was my father alone who tended her like a child till she died in his arms. It was then one day he told me that then he knew why he had been living and that he had nothing more left to do. And precisely after about ten months he died too. He had complete trust in God and knew that he had lived enough for a purpose and that purpose had been fulfilled.

So what I am trying to say is unless we trust God completely, without things or events making sense to us, our prayers and woes will remain unanswered. And those of us who do really believe in Him, would know that for better or worse, God would not leave them alone – and even if a decision or act of God is unfavourable, it is a test of steadfastness and those who pass through without raising an eyebrow, have rewards much greater awaiting them.


Shirazi said...

Yes, I pray, "Ya Allah, complete and strong Eman and TAWAQAL atta farmaye."

Anonymous said...

in God I trust; everyone else pays cash!