Friday, December 25, 2009

A Day with My Guru

I was never in the blog thing till one day an old pal, a literate and a writer bumped into me and asked me to own a blog. And I was baffled by his suggestion. How could I? I had never “written” anything of substance except what I did in my office. I wasn’t prepared to jump into the literary stride. But he was insistent and asked me to WRITE.

So I sat down and started thinking what should I write about. I wasn’t into much reading so I could not write book reviews nor I was in the company of  people that I could be inspired to write. So my guru came to my rescue and asked me to write a travelogue. Well this I could do since I had traveled a lot and knew so many places. So I became a blogger – a novice in the field and a tiny frog in the big pond. And I started with a blog on Karachi – since the earliest memories in my memory chip were those of Karachi. And then I wrote on – not as a writer but as a learner. And all along my mentor was at my back – bucking me up to write more. One day I received a SMS from him which read, “Did anyone ever tell you that you write very good? Start writing for newspapers.” I knew he didn’t mean it, as it was just a fillip on my shoulder to continue.

And now I write, and whenever there is a problem or lack of ideas, I refer back to my guru who doesn’t mind the time of my call and is always willing to render a helping hand. And I am writing.

So my advice to those, who are hesitating of not initiating a blog for the same apprehensions that I had once, to sit on their computer and start punching in whatever comes to their mind. It may be a few lines in the beginning but these would surely grow. And one day like me, will have some 80+ posts. And their blogs would continue to swell. And if an advice is needed, who best would be to approach? A friend who really want you to write 9and is not jealous about it).

Recently, I was in Lahore and I called on my guru and had a marathon session on how to improve the layout of my blog, its substance and its traffic. Much went much above me, but a few tips were good enough for the day that I equipped myself and came back and implemented those. But he is not happy. He says even when I belong to Lahore, why I am settling in Islamabad? I know the reason. He wants to reduce my telephone bill that eats up my wallet by calling him every now and then to clarify emerging queries. And may be wants an obedient subject whom he can summon anytime and give a few more tips.

And those who read my blog, shouldn’t be surprised to know the name of my guru (rather they would have already guessed so) – yeah right: he is none other than SAJS of Doodh Patti fame.


SAJS said...

Blushing, Thanks :-)

Jalal HB said...

I wish I could see you blushing