Saturday, September 18, 2010

Can One Wait?

I recently came across a small but very meaningful and eye opening anecdote. A teacher asked her class, "Who can tell me how much money the great Rockefeller left behind him?" The children made wild guesses; Ten million? Fifty million? One billion dollars perhaps? After all, they were talking about the fortunes of one of the world's richest men! Only one child had a different answer to give, "Rockefeller left every penny behind!"

And how very true. We amass bank balances, make vast properties, but seldom have time to spend it. We just want to be rich – tagged as the richest man in the world. We don’t want to ease up the sufferings of so many needy around us by sharing a part of our possessions. And one day our demise hits the newspapers and then by and by we fade away in the history. No more the wealthiest man of the world. And those we leave behind, are more worried about how much we left and how to grab the cache rather than remembering the one who left it.

Remember what did the when the famous warrior Alexander, the Great of Macedonia, on his death bed wished? Perhaps an eye opener for many who run after every penny they see. He wished that when he died, his both hands should be taken out of the shroud so that everybody could see that the once a great man, was leaving with empty handed. This is the truth, if we have the stomach to accept it.

Today, many parts of Pakistan are under many feet of flood water. While ordinary people have donated all they could, one wonders what happened to the filth rich people. Even is any of them has donated, that does not matches the wealth one has. Perhaps they are amassing the money to be buried in a gold plated coffin and a grave with gold plates and diamonds studded in it. And even if it is done, would it make any difference? Would he be blessed because he had an air-conditioned grave and gold around? Ever pondered over it?

So the time is now to make a choice. Help others from the money that has been God given or wait to be buried in a golden coffin.


genexbs said...

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