Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Doodh Patti - Heavenly Tea

The blog name of my friend SAJ Shirazi always fascinates me – since like all tea lovers, the special tea “Doodh Patti” is my favourite. So I thought of writing a few lines about it. If you happen to be visiting a very close and dear friend, or your car mechanic with whom you have the right kind of rapport or you are visiting a place where your presence is an honour for the host, he would definitely order “Doodh Patti” for you instead of a simple tea with milk.

So what really is Doodh Patti? The word literally means Milk (Doodh) and Tea Leaves (Patti) – meaning by tea prepared with only milk, tea leaves and sugar - and no water. Milk is poured into a saucepan or any utensil, and then when it comes to boil, tea leaves and sugar is added to it. And when it is served sizzling hot with homemade biscuits, the taste is only to enjoyed and remembered till another time.

If you haven’t tasted this heavenly tea, insist on having it from your mechanic next time your car breaks down. You will remember my blog then….