Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fashion week and Bridal Couture 2012

Bridal dresses are something that are unique in Pakistan - exotically coloured, heavily embroidered and rich in style that correlate with the rich traditions and culture of Pakistan. These dresses are designed, crafted and stitched with such keen eye and aesthetics that the on lookers are taken aback with awe.

Awhile ago, I shared a number of photos displaying the wedding dresses of Pakistan in my post 'Exotic and eye catching colourful wedding dresses' which has since been viewed widely. Recently, there has been a continuous wave of fashion shows displaying traditional, seasonal dresses and bridal couture designed by some of the top class designers of Pakistan. So I thought of sharing news about these fashion shows that have otherwise been acclaimed and liked by fashion lovers and dress designers.

Bridal designed by Hair stylist Saba Ansari and fashion designer Nomi Ansari [PHOTO: AYESHA MIR/EXPRESS]
The Bridal Couture show recently held in Karachi had bridals done up by Saba and Nomi Ansari, beside exotic designs displayed by models by designers Amir, Mona and Nadia.

There also have been many fashion runways in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad that attracted a large number of local and foreign audience to see some of the artistically designed dresses by Pakistan'n leading fashion names. Here in under is a flash video, the one I found on YouTube and am sharing it for the fashion overs both home and abroad.

Read more / see a slide show of bridal couture at Karachi: The Express Tribune
The video above is courtesy YouTube / The Express News


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